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Knocked out front teeth

Injury where a tooth is knocked out (Avulsion) has a low success rate if reimplanted

Below the age of 6 it is a baby tooth which is due to fall out around then . It shouldn’t affect the developing adult tooth, might just slow its erupting.

Major Trauma to the adult teeth is  different, in that the chances of it being reimplanted are time related. Try sticking it back in where it came from straight away. Locate the tooth, pick it up by the top trying  not to touch the part that was embedded in the jaw, as it is covered by cells we want to help.

If it looks dirty run it under water or put it under your tongue to clean it and then attempt to reposition it

The dentist (you need to see straight away,) will splint it to sound teeth on either side but the success rate of this taking,  falls by the hour of its reinsertion. Tell the receptionist how long since the injury

If a tooth is knocked out fully, it is dead i.e. the nerve to it is broken

You need to be checked for fractures of the jaw, fractures of other teeth and appropriate medication to help prevent infection. If related to a criminal damage you need to have photos and X rays taken

However in my years of experience, the chances of a routine implanting are rare. In most cases your body sees the reimplanted tooth as foreign and tries over the years to treat it as such and slowly dissolves the root. Monitoring it over 5 years will indicate whether it finally will be lost and need to be replaced



The Anatomy of Toothache

Toothache that isn’t touched by painkillers, and wont let you sleep, is usually related to a nerve dying. Don’t think you are being a weakling . In the pain scale of 1-10 it sits at about an 8.5 and is because the dying nerve is trapped in a bone canal and can’t swell, so the nerve endings fire up

The pain usually lasts 12-24 hours until all the nerve is dead and the pain drops to a 3-4

But it doesn’t go away. Nerve death is associated with infection. The tooth gradually regains pressure symptoms as the infection heats up under it. The tooth becomes sore to bite down on. Your face becomes hot and red and you are off at the dentist with an abscessed tooth that requires drainage or extraction

So the rules are.

  • Nurofen based painkillers work best with dental pain as they work on swelling symptoms
  • Antibiotics work on infection…… Panadol aspirin etc. don’t work on infection
  • Drainage works better than anything if you have a nerve abscessing. A Dentist opens the tooth and the infection is pushed out by your body usually spectacularly
  • If you have the option of extraction or root fillings use this rule . The success rate of endodontic treatment 5 years falls as you move from the front to the back of your mouth

As the number of roots, curve of roots , technique becomes more complex.


Will it Hurt?

Dental anesthesia /numbing is less painful than when I started in 1978 .

The anesthetic is quicker/ the needles are thinner. 5mg Valium 1/2 hour before helps. Injecting slow helps, numbing Gel helps. However the best thing is trust. We will do whatever it takes to treat you as the 6 year old you can be . Patients are replete with stories of having things done Dentally with the Dentist not caring. I have a whole range of things I can do to make your visit as comfortable as I can. And I'll make sure you are properly numb before I start.

Dental Tourism.....  I can get it done 70% cheaper in Thailand

Well a Thailand Dentist has the following advantages

  • He pays his Nurses $100US per week..... I pay my nurse and Receptionist $30 to $40 per hour
  • He gets his Crowns done locally for $50 US per crown . Mine cost $200 plus
  • His Professional Liability and Surgery Liability are not $5000 per year
  • His rent, ADA subscription CDP points are 70% cheaper if needed at all
  • His tax utilities, rent and Goverment charges are non existant or cheaper
  • He pays no tax
  • His patients are a small niche of well heeled Travellers who are going to spend $3500 to $5000 and so his profit margin of 40%  nets him $1400 to $2000 which is 4 times the professional Thai salary of $400 per month
  • So based on equivalent profitability  in Australia, you should be getting 6 crowns in Thailand for $1000 not $3000

So I winge about it as follows.

A Thailand Dentist charges $US 3000 for 6 odd crowns   where the cheapest I can charge for the same 6 Crowns is $9000

Mine come with a guarantee. His come with another trip to Thailand if anything goes wrong.

6 crowns at the one time is fairly cutting edge Dentistry and my Humble opinion is that it is 70% successful. The second problem is with the then repair by an Australian Dentist will cost you an arm and a leg, if you can get them repaired. Most Australian Dentists will not touch complicated overseas Dentistry if it goes wrong

Fine Extractions

Dentists, like fine wine get better with Age. I believe it took me 10 years to learn how to do extractions and another 5 years to learn how to do them well.

Now  I confidently say, I do the best extractions in town for the time and freedom from pain.  If you want to be treated Like a 3 year old then tell us.  I can deal with everything from Needle Phobics to Pathological Fear of me . Our range of stuff to make it easier for you, involve pre medication, Penthrox light sedation, and most importantly full numbing so you don't feel it much or at all.

In helping me with this, try and come in quicker rather than Longer. A toothache that has stopped you sleeping doesn't get better, and after a week your body is debilitated, the procedure is unpleasant and there are usually complications of infection. What, a week before was a 10 minute process you've now drawn out to a half an hour. and which as a patient would you prefer ... 10 minutes for a dental procedure or 30 minutes for the same one