170 Albert St
Sebastopol 3356


03 5331 1611


Dr Scott Sherwell

  • Graduated Adelaide University 1976.
  • Commenced practice in Ballarat in 1978
  • First practice 1019 Howitt st Wendouree 1978-2001
  • Second practice 1215 Sturt St Ballarat 2002 to 2015
  • Third and final practice 170 Albert St Sebastopol 2017 –


  • Life member Ballarat Apex Club
  • Current Treasurer Ballarat Lions Club
  • Master Elect Letchworth – Kilwinning Masonic Lodge No 2

Through various service club projects, he has helped build a hospital in Fiji, a school in Solomon Islands. Assisted in Dental projects in Vanuatu and Tonga, Audited Overseas aid projects in Bangladesh and most recently performed as King DK, scaring Vanuatu school children into cleaning their teeth.



He’s Mean He’s  evil he’s KING  D.K.

Eat Sweets often, He’ll come your way

Forget to brush he’ll make you pay

Mean and Evil               KING D.K.


Scott believes that to be a constructive member of your community you have to give back, and joining community service groups, is the best fun you can have, providing  you with friends for life and a life full of friends.

While you are having your  Dental Examination/ Extraction, please don’t ask him about Freemasonry Lions or Apex

Besides the usual membership of the ADA and various Dental groups he is a regular member of the “Decrepit Dentist Group” which is a group of Semi retired and fully retired Ballarat Dentists which meet every Friday almost, at the Europa Cafe where we sort out the problems of the world, the problems with Dentistry and reflect on how good it was in the Old Days.