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January 20th 2017

I’ve finally got into the Dental surgery. This was a Dental Surgery from 1992 to 2005 run by Drs. Plunkett  & Potter, then by K&L Dental then by Dr. Peter Didaskalu until it was shut down and became a house of ill repute. However from the following pictures what remained was the Dental Cabinetry waiting room and reception area all done in 1980’s type cabinetry and style.There are many of my patients now that can remember coming to it as kids This it what it looked like. Time to tear it apart



March 14th 2017

First surgery room is finished and we have turned into that messy type of room with all gadgets and machines that Dentists like

It has two special features namely a nice Edwardian ceiling rose and a front Garden and window. For the first time in my 40 years of playing Dentist I have a garden to look over . Spring is too far away


August 20th 2017
The floor is down in the second surgery. Honestly trying to get it done was like doing extractions without Anesthetic. So much hassle so much pain.
Anyway it is developing into the first surgery room in Ballarat with its own wood combustion heater. I have this idea of people having their teeth cleaned half asleep with their feet up in front of the heater during winter.  That will be different. Chairs to go in next and all operational for Xmas

September 6th 2017
It is sad to note the passing of our next door neighbor at the Sebastopol Medical Clinic Dr.James Rose who died suddenly with a heart attack over night
Jim was the last of the generalist eccentric Medical Practitioners who was a mountain of information, a wealth of pleasantries and a constant borrower of my tools. Both I and his constant procession of patients over the past 20 years will feel a strange gap in our lives as he marks the passing of an era of gentlemen GPs