170 Albert St
Sebastopol 3356


03 5331 1611

Welcome to Dental170

This dental practice is for my semi-retirement. I have started this so that people who want or need dental care with a quick response and without  huge costs  can visit my practice and experience quality care, service and 40 years of providing dentistry in Ballarat.

We have moved our practice from Sturt St in Ballarat where I have spent many years providing quality dental services to the many residents of Ballarat and beyond. Our practice now resides at 170 Albert Sebastopol, just 10 minutes from Ballarat central, with ample parking out the front or at the back.

In the following 12 months I am building the practice up to have on site a registered Dental Hygienist, Dental Therapist and advanced Dental Technician so we have a fully integrated dental focus for Sebastopol, to serve the massively growing number of Residents

at present we are the only practice south of Dana Street